A Verification of Competency is a skills assessment undertaken to determine a person’s current level of competency to operate workplace equipment (regardless of whether a licence is required or not).


Workplace Health and Safety legislation requires that all employers must demonstrate a duty of care to its workforce by ensuring employees have the skills and competency to perform their duties involving the operation of workplace equipment. SpecialisedVOCAustralia allows you to assess your workforce in your workplace using your own supervisors.

Further benefits to the employer include a safer work environment, higher productivity and reduced risk of damage to valuable equipment. A VOC is often an integral part of the recruitment process when employing new staff or contractors, with immediate identification of whether up-skilling is required in order for a person to adequately fulfil a role.

The Total VOC Solution

SpecialisedVOCAustralia provides you with your complete system for VOC's. Assessors are provided with:

  • all enrolment forms,
  • assessment materials,
  • observation checklists and
  • Assessment Summary forms.

Upon successful completion, the candidate gets:

  • an Assessment Summary;
  • a Statement of Verification of Competency issued against each successful competency: and
  • a SpecialisedVOCAustralia wallet sized plastic card.

Expandable and Adaptable

SpecialisedVOCAustralia can be used in any industry.

  • Transport and logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Civil construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

RTO developed and supported

SpecialisedVOCAustralia has been developed by Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd, which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32485) against the National Competency Standards. Being developed by an RTO ensures that all assessments, including written assessments and practical assessments, properly evaluate the competency and sklills of your operators.

Each candidate needs to demonstrate that they are safe and competent on workplace equipment.

Regardless of your industry, if your workforce operates plant machinery or equipment, you have an obligation to address and assess the skills and safety of your employees.


Verification of Competency Procedure

The Verification of Competency Procedure is undertaken with a minimum of fuss and down-time. Generally taking between 2-4 hours, a Verification of Competency can either be conducted at one of our VOC Assessment Centres OR we can approve one of your operators to complete the VOC on your work site ensuring the least disruption to your staff and productivity.

Multiple VOCs can be undertaken during a single visit to your workplace, which can certainly result in substantial cost savings to your business. These can be multiple competencies for one candidate or a group of candidates being assessed in one competency. You could even book a Specialised VOC assessor for a number of days on your worksite and complete a range of competencies for your entire workforce.

With years of relevant industry experience, our Specialised VOC assessors have been aligned with our Registered Training Organisation to ensure that you can have absolute confidence in the outcomes of the verification. If the operator is not competent, they won’t pass the verification.

The Specialised VOC process is not a training course. And, it isn’t for a fresh starter who has never used the workplace equipment before. Certainly, training options are available for the older hands who may not have kept up to date with industry developments. And refresher courses are also available to assist candidates with getting up to speed with the written assessment that forms part of the Specialised VOC process.

Our specialist VOC assessors consider the following areas when determining levels of competency:

  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Previous work experience (with documentary evidence)
  • Short theory assessments
  • Practical assessments

What Happens When a VOC is Completed?

Upon successful completion, the candidate gets an Assessment Summary; a Statement of Verification of Competency issued against each successful competency: and a SpecialisedVOCAustralia wallet sized plastic card.

Employers who use the Specialised VOC process using their own assessors will have first hand evidence of their duty of care commitment to workers regarding workplace equipment.

A Result of ‘Not Competent’

If a candidate cannot be verified as being competent in the operation of workplace equipment, then he will possibly need some supplementary training before he is assessed again. Options are available including gap training and further skills development. Resources and Infrastructure (RII) training units are available for most items of workplace equipment that can be VOC’d.

In line with the broader commitment of Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd to cater to industry-specific training requirements, our specialist trainers can be utilised, if and when necessary, to cohesively bridge the competency voids within your workforce – ranging from refresher courses to fully licensed outcomes.